Timber Decks – Adelaide Deck Builders

Do you love your home but miss that outdoor space; have you considered adding a timber deck? A well built deck can add substantial financial and pleasure value to your home. It helps to bring the outside in and the inside out. A deck frames your home nicely and provides extra living space without the extra cost of building on.
If you are an entertainer this is ideal way to create a great space for your guests without the intrusion in your home. A good deck helps improve your social life as you will be proud to invite everyone over for a bbq to help you celebrate your space.

If you live in the hills you will know that many houses are built on quite steep slopes. A deck on the downwards slope means you are entertaining in the tree tops. You can watch the koalas in their world from the comfort of your deck. What a relaxing and calming place to be especially on those sunny Sunday mornings!
Do you have a pool? Hills and City are here to help you make your pool more than just a place the kids swim in summer. We want to help you make your pool into the feature it deserves, a beautiful timber deck surrounding your pool and maybe some shade for those hot summer days.

There are so many wonderful natural woods available to create your deck from giving you a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, why not chat to our builders about some of the options that might suit you best.